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Show the world we want a phone worth keeping! #phonebloks

Show the world we want a phone worth keeping! #phonebloks



Hosting a life.

I am perpetually stuck in this body. This body is me, with all the emotions and feelings included.
I often feel a guest to my own body. I observe and live with everything through this body I am hosting, although it came without a guide. I must try to find a definition of everything I experience. Feelings come and go as they please, and it is my job to find a place within me to put them all, and remain appropriate for the ones around me.

I can not safely say I will ever find myself in this simulation that is life, but that does not hold me back from trying.

This is me. 

The game isn’t even released yet, neither have I ever played it yet.. However I’ve already got two characters :P

This time, a narcissistic Charr who’s got a light grudge against other Charrs. 

Thought my character out!
Sylvari Necromancer, here we go! 

To all RP’ers who’d like to try RP on Guild Wars 2. Or to all players of Guild Wars 2, that’d like to try RP:

Visit this website and register! 

Counting down!

Counting down!

Thank you, MisterMan!

Epic musics~
Can be used as background music for about everything~! 

A completely unhelpful guide to RP on Champions Online: Fantasy/SciFi Dating Sim


So you’ve decided you want to be one of those weirdos who roleplay in Champions Online. But what is RP? How does RP work? Why do people RP? Is RP edible? 

Well, I can’t really be assed to type an answer to any of this questions, but I can help you create a complex, interesting, imaginative character. 

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This is really the most brilliant piece of work relating RP on CO, made by a friend I met on CO, who sadly has stopped RP’ing.